Heresy and Political Correctness


Dogma is a set of ideas held to be incontrovertibly true that form the basis of an ideological system. Dogma are not subject to argument inside the ideologies that hold them unless that ideological system is in the midst of drastic change or callapse.

All human societies at all times have had some form of dogma that laid the foundation for what was socially acceptable.

Modernists like to look to the western past and point out the dogmas that held sway at certain points and how these dogmas hurt the progress of human kind. The various inquisitions and other repressions of the church are favored examples. Those challenging the dogma of their time were often labeled as heretics. The heretics were the ultimate threat since they were outsiders to the norm that formed from within the in group and sought to destroy the groups very foundational principles.

The idea that individuals were exploring new concepts that held the key to the eventual progress of civilization were brutally and without rational justification persecuted for daring to challenge the accepted ideas of the time are often compared to modern civil rights leaders, members of the LGBT community and crude comedians or celebrities that speak out against the perceived status quo. These modern day heretics are seen as fighting against the vestiges of those same repressive institutions from the past in the form of modern conservatism.

But are these people really the heretics of our time?

To be a heretic implies that you have taken on the universal hatred of the society you live in by daring to challenge its founding principles.

Another way to look at heresy is to consider the idea of being politically incorrect.

In our modern vernacular political incorrectness entails a spectrum of thoughts, words and deeds from what is perceived as outside the mainstream all the way to what is considered absolute evil.

I have above used the word perceived because what is called politically incorrect in our current times is often confused with what is really politically incorrect.

The modern political left has created for itself an interesting dialectic. Their origins on the fringe, outside the mainstream have meant that many of the ideas they pushed were once outside of what we would call politically incorrect, perhaps what we would have once called heresy.

Go back a hundred years and much of the modern world was not ruled by democratic systems and even the more progressive nations of the United Kingdom and United States did not have universal suffrage. The push for democracy and universal suffrage did not arise from the right, but from the left.

And so it was that other ideas once considered politically incorrect and now accepted as the status quo were pushed into being by the left.

It is also worth noting at this time that the term “politically incorrect” was not coined by the right to deride its enemies, but coined by communists purging the undesirable elements from their own groups. They perhaps would have found the use of the term heretic too illustrative for their purposes. Despite this, the term found use in the west and is now a well known if often incorrectly used term.

As you probably can tell where I’m going with this, the modern political left is no longer the outside fringe that presents itself as but is in fact the mainstream, the current authority on the dogma of our time, and yes we still live in an age of dogma.

The core dogma of the left can be summed up in three points. Equality, democracy and multiculturalism. These things are good and you would have to be a bad person to outright reject them.

To most these points don’t seem controversial at all, at least most of what they entail and therein lays the key. The left is not the outside force struggling against an archaic rigid dogma but are in fact the holders of modern dogma, complete with religious fervor and all. If you disagree with all or most of these ideas then there is something wrong with you.

Which brings us to a question. If the comedian ruthlessly deriding conservative Christians isn’t politically incorrect, isn’t a heretic, then who is?

What is the most vile and evil thing some one in our society can be without actually committing an act? What are the modern thought crimes of our day?

Well, it would likely be a sexist racist fascist of course. Though those are the terms of insult used by the politically correct defending the modern dogma.

Just as in the most zealous moments of religious warfare in Europe of the past, to even get close to challenging the modern dogma carries with it serious consequences.

Holding equality as prime virtue, support of democratic forms of government and either acceptance of other cultures in your community or resistant to nationalism at home and abroad are as much a required article of faith in the modern west as the Nicene Creed was part of medieval Europe.

Now its true that some things such as nationalism in the form of patriotism are still tolerated by the mainstream culture out of shear necessity, but even these vestiges of preexisting values are eroding away and we now have “citizens of the world” whatever that may mean.

To put it simply, there is a new faith of our time that dares not call itself a religion, there is a dogma of our time that clothes itself as inherent truth and there are even persecutions.

The modern heretics are those who doubt these ideas as truths onto themselves. They may be innocent enough and simply question their full validity, but heaven save them for even in a country like the US where free speech is still held relatively sacred these individuals risk not only social ostracism, but losing their jobs and any means to support themselves or their families, being placed on a watch list by the government of repressive NGO’s like the SPLC and even threats to their physical safety by members of their own community who may become aware of their “deviant” view points.

This modern dogma even comes with its own witch hunts and inquisitions as is the case whenever members of institutions are suspected of holding ideas outside the mainstream.

While the net of the persecution is broad and takes in many naive individuals, the truest of the heretics are those that wonder if equality among all people is morally justified let alone feasible, those that wonder if democracy is the best form of government of a degeneracy of older systems on the road to anarchic mob rule, those who start to wonder if all races of people are the exact same, if men and woman are equal in capacity, if a nation looking towards the international community isn’t sacrificing its own interests and those that simply think the whole system is somehow wrong and we can’t believe what we are told anymore.

What is perhaps the worst element in it all is that most of us cannot even see that there is dogma at work. We live in the age of enlightenment, where scientific truth has conquered all the superstitions of the past and we can discuss these truths from the open free safety of our democratic societies.

The above description is unfortunately not our reality.

From the moment we begin to process the world around us as small children we are indoctrinated. The popular media, the schools the attitudes and speech of those around us all permeate with the message, the same dogmatic views of life and the world. The level to which it permeates our world grows each generation as the boundaries of the modern dogma are pushed further into the frontiers of the traditional culture that preceded it. We grow up thinking it was always like this with the exception of a few evil people way back in the days who were justly stopped. Meanwhile the message is pushed, a new step in progress to the adults and reaffirmation that the world was always like this to the young.

In times long since past, aware individuals could see that the dogma was that, dogmatic, and could approach it as such. Now our alleged greatest intellectuals are so steeped into their dogmatic beliefs that they fail to see it is dogmatic while those who doubt it are stupid or evil.

Even in the past the dogmas were concerned more with maintaining a status quo of understanding where as the dogma of now is constantly seeking to recreate itself. The political left was formed in revolution, grows in revolution and needs revolution. Its message demands a constant revolution against any who would turn back the clock or attempt to go in a direction fundamentally different from that allowed by its main points.

A constant revolution with an ideological dogma with no victory conditions can only be defeated or follow through to its natural conclusion. Multiculturalism to a world where all compliant cultural identities are eradicated since their very existence will always threaten a potential weaker culture, a democracy that falls into totalitarian mob rule and an equality only reached by equality in death for all.

The revolution will not stop and there are precious few even trying to fight it. It is only human instincts of self preservation and some vague memories of who we were that keeps it from subsuming all in one upheaval.

A war of ideologies where the heretics are constantly in hiding.

You don’t have to reject all ideas of the modern culture you find yourself in to find yourself falling dangerously into the realm of heresy. You have to simply want to know the truth and honestly seek it for yourself before you find that the road to truth runs through the walls of the modern secret religion and into the wilderness of the heretics. You would not be the only one wandering into that realm in search of truth, but you would likely be forced to do so alone.

When honest inquiry, let alone honest open discussion free of persecution is a crime, perhaps we do not live in an age of modern enlightenment but in a new dark age. A dark age where the forces of destruction have all the advances of modern technology and have mastered the craft of hiding themselves in plain sight. A dark age that may not end until we find ourselves all equal in death.


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