We are all degenerates now. Part 2

Sorry for the delay.  A combination of work/ life demands and a feeling of loss at all the recent political happenings had impaired my progress on this person project.


Whether you are concerned about feminism, race, nationalism, family or just general moral decency, the last hundred years and specifically the last decade or two have been complete disasters.

Women have gone after careers for happiness only to find by their thirties that a family would have been more rewarding, almost all traditional homogeneous communities in the west are in danger of being lost in the near future, people have lost faith in nation that no longer belongs to them, divorce is on the rise while we make a mockery of marriage with gay marriage and even the pretense of a higher moral standing being what you should present in society has eroded away as our music, movies, television and books all embrace degenerate values and mock the traditional.

These are bad things, not just because I say so, but because they all have real life consequences. They and degeneracies like them lead to real world suffering and damage. I say degeneracies because we had a system of cultural values that protected us from bad choices like these but have since lost those protections. Out culture has degenerated into something less.

One key factor that has enabled the adoption of these lower or complete lack of standards is that our societies have put in place artificial protections not against the degenerate acts, but against their consequences. Like dam fighting against nature, these artificial protections will one day fail when either the dam is no longer maintained or the force of nature on the other side becomes too great to hold back. When that happens all down stream will be subject to horror and destruction.

A popular example of this is the removal of consequences for women who are unfaithful or destroy their marriages. In the natural state a woman was vulnerable and needed the protection of men, especially so if she was with child or already had children. In traditional society some of these threats to survival were lessened, but the social ostracism that would result could be almost as bad. For these reasons there was a great incentive on women to be faithful and to stay committed to a family if they had one. In our age when the social consequences have been deluded to almost nothing and the state will provide subsistence we see ever growing numbers of single mothers and hear more and more stories of unfaithful or promiscuous women. The threats to their well being for these bad choices has been removed. Combined with a culture that fills their heads with illusions that such a life could be good there is a recipe for long term human suffering and a new generation of traumatized kids.

One of the problems of living in a time of cultural break down is that you begin to take in the degenerate values yourself. Breathing it in daily, it is almost impossible for a youth to grow up with an accurate understanding of what a healthy civilization looks like. I was among those youths poisoned early on by false conceptions of how things worked.

My parents divorced when I was young, almost all my friends were from homes where the father was gone. We grew up on a steady diet of popular culture that made us believe that not only was it possible but it was expected as a natural part of life that we would have multiple intimate love affairs, engaging in premarital sex without shame. Even if our end goal was some fuzzy idea of a married life with kids, we still imagined spending our youth engaging in debauchery. And so we did.

One of the few natural dangers still putting some level of restraint on us was the threat of an STD or pregnancy. The current system of corruption had an answer for that. “Just use a condom and everything is a-okay.” That could not be farther from the truth. While reasonably effective against a variety of STDs, condoms don’t actually protect you from most, and while also reasonably effective against pregnancy their too is always a risk of failure. HPV, the virus that occasionally results in genital warts is now ubiquitous in large swaths of the sexually active population. It is believed to be one of the more common instigators of cervical cancer in woman. So much so that a partially effective vaccine against a few strains of HPV was being rigorously pushed by “public health” professionals with justification that it would reduce the likelihood of cervical cancer. This too was another push to remove a consequences of deviant behavior, or at least remove some of the fear of it though the threat was still real.

There were only two women in my life that I believe I could have been happily married to, and only one that I truly felt I should have. Needless to say neither of them were the woman I did marry. Instead I spent years with multiple girls in various dead end relationships or short term flings. I emotionally damaged many of them and the heart ache and guilt would leave me scarred. When fate finally caught up to me, and I was manipulated and forced into a marriage I knew couldn’t work, the only thing that made it even possible for me to keep going forward was the idea that if things didn’t work out, I could simply get a divorce. Even though I told myself that no matter what I was going to do everything I could to make the marriage work, as I put on that ring I thought to myself “I can get a divorce.”

That to me is perhaps the greatest failure of my life and a disgusting example of what this culture does to a young person’s understanding of the world. The idea that you can casually make those kind of decisions about something so sacred and important to the survival of the culture and your standing before God if you are a believer. It was only with age and more experience that I realized the horror and utter hopelessness of that situation.

However, the cultural marking of degeneracy on me was just one in a long road to where we are now. Where homosexuals can force you to call their pairings a marriage, just as good as any heterosexuals because they love each other just as much. Though the union can never naturally have children and will only serve to further distort the idea of marriage in the mind of the next generation of youths.

The debate over gay marriage was not about preservation of the society, about maintaining sacred boundaries inside the community, but was all about “love.” I’m sorry, but the hard fact of the matter is, that marriage isn’t about “love” at least not the kind of love most degenerates think about. Infatuation fades and romantic love can come and go, but the only “love” that really can be associated with marriage is the love that comes from building a family together over years and decades. Sweetheart does not equal my faithful wife, they are two different concepts with considerably different shelf lifes.

But oh well, it doesn’t matter that numerous states by popular vote tried to stop gay marriage. The pushers of our degeneracy one their battles through the courts and by pushing for judges who themselves are mockeries of the ideal of a judge.

As this push for expanding the boundaries of degeneracy, for creating our new normal takes place, so too does the attack on any natural consequences of bad choices.

Don’t want to be considered a slut? Don’t worry, slut-shaming is wrong.

Don’t want to dress respectably in public? Don’t worry, dress codes and judging other people are only for old racist white guys.

Don’t want to invest too heavily in raising your children? Don’t worry, the state will indoctrinate them for you.

Don’t want to deal with reality in healthy ways? Don’t worry, pot is going to be legal everywhere very soon and then you can just relax emotional stress away.

Don’t want to take charge of your life and be responsible for your failings while putting in the time and effort move up? Don’t worry, you are either a victim and its your fault, or you deserve whatever unhappiness you are in now.

If I had it my way, I would take away all social safety nets and activist groups and simply let the natural order of things take effect. How much more likely would a woman be careful about her partner if she had to fear raising a child on her own or being isolated from her in-group if she mixed with another race. How much more seriously would men and all parts of society treat marriage if they knew the wife had to be as fully invested and that the man alone would be responsible for their childrens’ survival. How much better would we carry ourselves in public if we knew not only that people could and would judge us, but that how they judged us could effect our very well being.

For now the system will keep holding back the natural consequences of so many of our bad choices, but like so many things that fight the natural order, it too will have to give way sometime. I just hope it does before there is no memory left in us of who we once were.

We are all degenerates now.


We are all degenerates now


There are a lot of reasons to worry for the long term survival of the West. From concerns of impending economic collapse, the whittling away of the rule of law, the breakdown of social trust, rampant uncontrolled feminist ideology to the demographic demise of our identity, but one that troubles me the most is the general decline in our cultural standards. The degeneracy of our current popular culture its effects on all the people in the industrialized world.

What does it mean to be a cultural degenerate? For me it can be simply summed up as forsaking traditional ideas and values that made for a strong society and replacing them with ideas and values that provide short term immediate gratification. Even if this means making choices that result in greater personal misery in the long run, these decisions are often “easier” to make at the time and even promoted by the powers that be.

Such ideas as maintaining one’s virginity until marriage have been replaced by the socially acceptable idea of “playing the field” until one finds the right one. I and so many of my generation were taken in by the idea. That we could irresponsibly play around in our young adulthood until we had our fill and then settle down to the domestic married life. The reality couldn’t be farther from the truth. In the wake of my years of poor choices were countless emotional scars on myself and those I was involved with, a degrading of my ideals and breakdown of the personal boundaries of others.

Yes, I am a degenerate, but so are we all in some way or another. It’s hardly surprising growing up when and how I did. Without a father around, with friends from similarly broken homes, we all consumed voraciously the degenerate cultural filth of Hollywood and the rest of the mainstream media. Our ideas of what was normal and what could work as healthy human interactions were based in popular culture mindset that ignored the basic truths of human nature. Things have only gotten worse since then.

Degeneracy can take many forms. Accepting the use of drugs that weaken the will and destroy initiative, allowing for promiscuous behavior, over indulging in pleasure while forsaking duty or more constructive endeavors, allowing one’s mind to be dominated by bad ways of thinking that lead away from truth, a lack of respect for the sacred, embracing rebellion against the virtuous and so many others. Whatever form it takes it most likely was accelerated by the cultural revolution of the sixties and seventies and is now again being push forward by the new wave of cultural deconstruction.

One must ask “Why now? What is pushing this?”I would say the answer is most likely to be found in four parts.

  1. The natural consequences of deviant behavior have been removed or mitigated by society.
  2. Many forms of degeneracy have been normalized and even given positive social value.
  3. The traditional institutions that supported healthy culture have been undermined, co-opted or destroyed.
  4. The average person without healthy social consequences and good cultural reinforcement will tend to fall into degeneracy on their own.

Further questions of what makes these things possible could include all sorts of explanations from cultural decadence to negative influences from circles in the elite.

While this framework may not be the best approach to explaining what has happened to our society I will use it to explore this phenomena. My goal is to make a separate post for each of four causes above giving what I believe to be the how and the why, then to follow up with a conclusion post. My idea right now is for each post to begin with one or more personal anecdotal experiences to illustrate the idea and then delve into the current state of things in our society.

If all goes well, I’ll do one or more post a weak and by the end of it perhaps have a better understanding of this situation.

Thanks for reading.

Heresy and Political Correctness


Dogma is a set of ideas held to be incontrovertibly true that form the basis of an ideological system. Dogma are not subject to argument inside the ideologies that hold them unless that ideological system is in the midst of drastic change or callapse.

All human societies at all times have had some form of dogma that laid the foundation for what was socially acceptable.

Modernists like to look to the western past and point out the dogmas that held sway at certain points and how these dogmas hurt the progress of human kind. The various inquisitions and other repressions of the church are favored examples. Those challenging the dogma of their time were often labeled as heretics. The heretics were the ultimate threat since they were outsiders to the norm that formed from within the in group and sought to destroy the groups very foundational principles.

The idea that individuals were exploring new concepts that held the key to the eventual progress of civilization were brutally and without rational justification persecuted for daring to challenge the accepted ideas of the time are often compared to modern civil rights leaders, members of the LGBT community and crude comedians or celebrities that speak out against the perceived status quo. These modern day heretics are seen as fighting against the vestiges of those same repressive institutions from the past in the form of modern conservatism.

But are these people really the heretics of our time?

To be a heretic implies that you have taken on the universal hatred of the society you live in by daring to challenge its founding principles.

Another way to look at heresy is to consider the idea of being politically incorrect.

In our modern vernacular political incorrectness entails a spectrum of thoughts, words and deeds from what is perceived as outside the mainstream all the way to what is considered absolute evil.

I have above used the word perceived because what is called politically incorrect in our current times is often confused with what is really politically incorrect.

The modern political left has created for itself an interesting dialectic. Their origins on the fringe, outside the mainstream have meant that many of the ideas they pushed were once outside of what we would call politically incorrect, perhaps what we would have once called heresy.

Go back a hundred years and much of the modern world was not ruled by democratic systems and even the more progressive nations of the United Kingdom and United States did not have universal suffrage. The push for democracy and universal suffrage did not arise from the right, but from the left.

And so it was that other ideas once considered politically incorrect and now accepted as the status quo were pushed into being by the left.

It is also worth noting at this time that the term “politically incorrect” was not coined by the right to deride its enemies, but coined by communists purging the undesirable elements from their own groups. They perhaps would have found the use of the term heretic too illustrative for their purposes. Despite this, the term found use in the west and is now a well known if often incorrectly used term.

As you probably can tell where I’m going with this, the modern political left is no longer the outside fringe that presents itself as but is in fact the mainstream, the current authority on the dogma of our time, and yes we still live in an age of dogma.

The core dogma of the left can be summed up in three points. Equality, democracy and multiculturalism. These things are good and you would have to be a bad person to outright reject them.

To most these points don’t seem controversial at all, at least most of what they entail and therein lays the key. The left is not the outside force struggling against an archaic rigid dogma but are in fact the holders of modern dogma, complete with religious fervor and all. If you disagree with all or most of these ideas then there is something wrong with you.

Which brings us to a question. If the comedian ruthlessly deriding conservative Christians isn’t politically incorrect, isn’t a heretic, then who is?

What is the most vile and evil thing some one in our society can be without actually committing an act? What are the modern thought crimes of our day?

Well, it would likely be a sexist racist fascist of course. Though those are the terms of insult used by the politically correct defending the modern dogma.

Just as in the most zealous moments of religious warfare in Europe of the past, to even get close to challenging the modern dogma carries with it serious consequences.

Holding equality as prime virtue, support of democratic forms of government and either acceptance of other cultures in your community or resistant to nationalism at home and abroad are as much a required article of faith in the modern west as the Nicene Creed was part of medieval Europe.

Now its true that some things such as nationalism in the form of patriotism are still tolerated by the mainstream culture out of shear necessity, but even these vestiges of preexisting values are eroding away and we now have “citizens of the world” whatever that may mean.

To put it simply, there is a new faith of our time that dares not call itself a religion, there is a dogma of our time that clothes itself as inherent truth and there are even persecutions.

The modern heretics are those who doubt these ideas as truths onto themselves. They may be innocent enough and simply question their full validity, but heaven save them for even in a country like the US where free speech is still held relatively sacred these individuals risk not only social ostracism, but losing their jobs and any means to support themselves or their families, being placed on a watch list by the government of repressive NGO’s like the SPLC and even threats to their physical safety by members of their own community who may become aware of their “deviant” view points.

This modern dogma even comes with its own witch hunts and inquisitions as is the case whenever members of institutions are suspected of holding ideas outside the mainstream.

While the net of the persecution is broad and takes in many naive individuals, the truest of the heretics are those that wonder if equality among all people is morally justified let alone feasible, those that wonder if democracy is the best form of government of a degeneracy of older systems on the road to anarchic mob rule, those who start to wonder if all races of people are the exact same, if men and woman are equal in capacity, if a nation looking towards the international community isn’t sacrificing its own interests and those that simply think the whole system is somehow wrong and we can’t believe what we are told anymore.

What is perhaps the worst element in it all is that most of us cannot even see that there is dogma at work. We live in the age of enlightenment, where scientific truth has conquered all the superstitions of the past and we can discuss these truths from the open free safety of our democratic societies.

The above description is unfortunately not our reality.

From the moment we begin to process the world around us as small children we are indoctrinated. The popular media, the schools the attitudes and speech of those around us all permeate with the message, the same dogmatic views of life and the world. The level to which it permeates our world grows each generation as the boundaries of the modern dogma are pushed further into the frontiers of the traditional culture that preceded it. We grow up thinking it was always like this with the exception of a few evil people way back in the days who were justly stopped. Meanwhile the message is pushed, a new step in progress to the adults and reaffirmation that the world was always like this to the young.

In times long since past, aware individuals could see that the dogma was that, dogmatic, and could approach it as such. Now our alleged greatest intellectuals are so steeped into their dogmatic beliefs that they fail to see it is dogmatic while those who doubt it are stupid or evil.

Even in the past the dogmas were concerned more with maintaining a status quo of understanding where as the dogma of now is constantly seeking to recreate itself. The political left was formed in revolution, grows in revolution and needs revolution. Its message demands a constant revolution against any who would turn back the clock or attempt to go in a direction fundamentally different from that allowed by its main points.

A constant revolution with an ideological dogma with no victory conditions can only be defeated or follow through to its natural conclusion. Multiculturalism to a world where all compliant cultural identities are eradicated since their very existence will always threaten a potential weaker culture, a democracy that falls into totalitarian mob rule and an equality only reached by equality in death for all.

The revolution will not stop and there are precious few even trying to fight it. It is only human instincts of self preservation and some vague memories of who we were that keeps it from subsuming all in one upheaval.

A war of ideologies where the heretics are constantly in hiding.

You don’t have to reject all ideas of the modern culture you find yourself in to find yourself falling dangerously into the realm of heresy. You have to simply want to know the truth and honestly seek it for yourself before you find that the road to truth runs through the walls of the modern secret religion and into the wilderness of the heretics. You would not be the only one wandering into that realm in search of truth, but you would likely be forced to do so alone.

When honest inquiry, let alone honest open discussion free of persecution is a crime, perhaps we do not live in an age of modern enlightenment but in a new dark age. A dark age where the forces of destruction have all the advances of modern technology and have mastered the craft of hiding themselves in plain sight. A dark age that may not end until we find ourselves all equal in death.